After a degree in French and Drama, my teaching career started in a multicultural inner city secondary school in the East End of London. Since then, I have taught in a variety of settings, including primary schools and a progressive school where there was considerable emphasis on experiential and creative learning. Following this, I took up a post managing a project for disaffected young people who had been excluded from school. The work involved motivating these pupils to reintegrate them into the mainstream system, intervention with families and the occasional visit to the Feltham Young Offenders Unit.

Saddened by the large numbers of children who were failed by the system, I spent time in the United Kingdom and in the United States studying organisational change and researching models of effective learning. For eleven years, I was a trainer, facilitator and consultant working with, among others, ALiTE, The National Union of Teachers, Vision for Learning and the Fast-track programme. I have presented to more than 500 diverse schools with groups from as small as 6 delegates to as large as over 600. The courses were usually customised for the schools and covered topics such as Learning How We Learn, Whole School Change, Conflict and Behaviour Management, Multiple Intelligence and Thinking Skills.

When my son started school, travel became more challenging and I began to teach part time and run a small Forest School in Oxfordshire for early years through to year six. I was a participant in a global project called “Be the Change Network” for educators which links teachers and schools around the globe on projects connected with social justice, personal wellbeing and environmental responsibility. I also volunteered on the Steve Sinnot Education Team. The Foundation works to support teachers in Sierre Leone.

For the last three years I have returned to working as a facilitator and concentrate mostly on running Open Space, Systemic Constellations and Women’s Council. I have also developed the Emerge Program which allows you to facilitate deep shifts in your understanding and behaviours using the principles and practices based on an inner wisdom you did not know you could access but always knew you had.