Systemic Mapping is an innovative sensation-based method of identifying and addressing the deep-rooted internal drivers that are at the heart of any of the key questions that we are asking ourselves. By switching on our internal vision with an eagle’s eye perspective, we create maps of all relevant but typically hidden influencers This highlights the often invisible underlying forces allowing our natural instincts and wisdom to identify the solution to what at first seemed an insurmountable obstacle.

What Systemic Mapping can do for you:

  • untie complicated knots –   seemingly intractable situations appear that way because of the many visible and invisible influences in play. Systemic Mapping uses your own inner wisdom to illuminate what is truly significant, and thus allows your optimal solution to arise naturally.
  • understand the forces at work – intractable situations often arise because key dependencies and influences in the system are not visible or understood. Systemic Mapping helps illuminate these hidden relationships, allowing any impairments to be fixed.
  • free the energy – the insights from untying the knots and understanding the forces at work gives a comprehensive picture of the whole system. This provides participants with the opportunity to put their creative energy into moving forward.