1) Systemic Constellations Workshops 
2) Systemic one to one coaching
3) Emerge programme for women (6 week programme designed for women)
4) Open Space and women council (2 unique systemic processes) 
The Council Circle Open Space Technology Systemic Mapping Emerge Programme
What is it? is derived from an ancient practice in which ‘whole world’ solutions arise from a shared leadership follows the natural commitment pasion and energy from the participants to reach achievable and pragmatic solutions. is an innovative method of identifying and addressing the deep-rooted internal drivers that are at the heart of any of the key questions that we askourselves a Systemic Mapping workshop targetted at women of all ages who seek their authentic voce
Why this course? a forum for discussions that matter mischief makers who want to bring change, whether personal or planetary to help navigate through the complex questions we are all facing women at all the key stages of their life, such as early adulthood, after childbirth or after the children leave home, following a marital breakup, or facing the challenges of raising a special needs child
How Many? we bring together up to 30 people who share a concern and need an open and supportive environment to come to consensus large community groups who are facing a complex challenge, that requires a degree of self-organisation we bring together groups of up to 12 and also offer 1:1 coaching we bring together groups of up to 12 women and also offer 1:1 coaching
How Long? 4 to 8 hours with from half to two days of pre-prep work one day, no pre-prep needed 6 hour workshop 6 hour workshop
Who we wish would have taken the course Any politician responsible for sending someone else’s children to war The population of the UK before they decided to vote for Brexit. we wish Facebook would have come to a Council Circle before deciding to help get Trump elected Margaret Thatcher….
How much?        I don’t want anyone to not attend because of financial reasons. If you think this is you, please contact me.