More than ever, the world needs unique ability that woman offer: the ability to act from a deeper place of wisdom and inner knowing, and to balance the traditional ‘winner takes all’, ‘survival of the fittest’ competition that drives so much of today’s decision making. At this point in history, we are now being called to transform our approach to one of true heart-centred change with the deep wisdom that comes from the feminine instinct.

Who is it For?

Women who don’t want to make it to the Board Room, but do want their voices to be heard.

Women at a transitional stage in their life, such as

  • early adulthood
  • after childbirth
  • after the children leave home
  • following a key relationship breakup

Women who want to find their unique contribution.

Women who want to bring to an end ways of thinking and behaving that no longer serve so that they can live a different story.

What will you get from this programme?

You will be able to:

  • bring to the surface your unique attributes that are essential for leadership and wellbeing.
  • Facilitate deep shifts in your understanding and behaviours
  • Use your inner wisdom and find your authentic voice

The Emerge Programme will equip women to stand in their full power using their unique talents so they can lead the way in making the kind of change our planet needs.